Our software and management platform, both online and mobile, allows users (utility and consumer) full transparency and control over the Grid, with the ability to integrate with existing grid softwares and smart meters.

The Smart Grid system allows the utility manager accurate tracking (also using GIS) of all utilities (electricity, gas, water, lighting and solar) in one system. The platform detects any tampering, theft and shortages, monitoring events in real-time, directly to your phone or computer. The system connects and supports all different payment methods, providing ease for the end-user with full transparency over their bill.
The system allows the manager to monitor consumption, conduct grid-load balancing, collect data and print out administrative reports. The manager can disconnect end users remotely, removing the need for extra workforce.

Increased Revenues

Pre/post- paid options; conduct payments; check balances and receipts directly through the system

Real time alerts

Receive alerts for any fault directly to your phone or computer; monitor consumption - all in real time

Combat Theft/tampering

Monitor and combat depreciation, theft and tampering in real time; collect old debts

Remote control

Connect and view meters; remotely shut on/off; GIS mapping; peak load management

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